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About Us

Friendly Animals & Certified Teachers

Our year-round traveling Petting Zoo & Pony parties and events are run by certified teachers who have experience creating fun and excitement for children and adults.  Our animals are sweet, friendly, healthy, and loved, and we are committed to making your event an unforgettable experience!  We specialize in schools, camps, assisted living facilities, and events that require a hands-on, interactive experience. 

Fun, Exciting & Interactive

We pride ourselves on being a step above other pony & petting zoo events by creating a magical, fun, educational and interactive experience for your guests.  Our set up is clean and professional and we actually run the event to ensure that guests are enjoying their time with us!  We will also work with you to customize the party or event to your theme and ensure that it runs smoothly, safely and with the utmost level of professionalism

Safety First & Fully Insured

As experienced professionals, we will ensure that all of your guests are safe and having fun!  We are fully insured and our animals are vetted and handled with safety as our main priority at all times.  We also ensure that your location is left in pristine condition.

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"We take pride in each event that we are privileged to attend; Our goal is to make it memorable!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a lot of space for a party?

No! We can set up in a 12x12 area on either grass or cement.  We will set up under either one or two 10x10 tents.  The pony can be walked on grass or cement anywhere nearby.  We just need a place to park and access to a water source for the animals!

What happens if the weather isn't good on that day?

We try our best to come even in inclement weather so as not to disappoint our guests.  Many clients put up tarps or tents to protect that area from the weather.  We bring two 10x10 tents for the petting zoo animals.  We can also set up in an indoor area such as a garage.  We will do our best to adjust the start time of your event around weather conditions if possible.  In the event that the weather is dangerous, we can reschedule for another mutually agreeable date.

Are you insured?

Yes! We are fully insured and follow strict safety procedures.  For corporate events and schools, we can provide a Certificate of Insurance as well as additional insured certificates. 

Do you work with special needs children and/or adults?

Absolutely! We are certified teachers and have experience working with individuals with special needs.  We are happy to customize an event to suit the needs of your guests.  We understand the requirement for patience and dedication to all of our attendees.

Will you customize an event for us?

Just ask!  We will try our best to accommodate your wishes for an event relative to themes, location, hours, and audience.  It is our commitment to make your event special and memorable!

What makes you different from other pony/petting zoo events?

We pride ourselves on being a step above other pony/petting zoo events and make every effort to prove it.  Our format is fun, engaging, and interative, and run by certified teachers who have experience in creating excitement! We are also animal lovers with a history in animal rescue, so our animals are given the best of care and lots of love.  We also have a background in event management, so we know what it takes to make an event successful and unforgettable!  We approach your event as if it was our own personal event and take pride in the smiling faces of our guests! Whether you're interested in entertainment or the healing power of animals, we like to say that, "We bring happiness!"

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Meet Our Very Loved Friendly Farmyard Animals!

Sparkle the Pony

Always the star of the show, our beautiful and impeccably dressed girl is super sweet and ready to ride! Word on the street is that she sometimes is a magical unicorn for that very special birthday child! She loves her treats and poses patiently for photos!

Cocoa & Marshmallow

Our twin boy and girl goats can't be more adorable or loving than these two, who love pets, treats and exploring their surroundings! They bring a smile everywhere they go, especially when they walk on leashes!

Freckles & Speckles

These two sisters are quite the characters and love their goat brother and sister!  Speckles is definitely the leader, while Freckles follows her around everywhere!  They will definitely talk to you to get your attention!

Dunkin & Donut

Dunkin and Donut are quite a couple and love their peas, their baths, and basking in the sunshine!  They are happy to accept treats out of your hand and Donut especially loves to be held!

The Dixie Chicks

These pretty Delaware chickens are very friendly and sweet so we named them after candy! Dot, Tootsie, Jellybean and Skittles will often lay eggs right in front of you!  They will also fall asleep in your arms if you have the right touch.

Buddy & Oliver

Buddy, our Harlequin bunny, and Oliver, our lop bunny are ready to meet you and eat a carrot or two! Buddy likes to hide in the hay piles and lounge in the sun.  Oliver is a stuffed animal come to life and loves to be held and scratched on the head!

Our Honorary Friendly Farmyard Pig

Meet Otis, The Potbelly Pig

This adorable little guy will steal your heart with his wagging tail and snorting sounds.  He will do almost anything for food and is incredibly smart. Although he doesn't live with us full-time, he often comes to events with us upon request.  We love him as one of our own!

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